Indent, association for the dental industry in the Benelux

The object of the association – set up in 1978 – is to represent the general interests of manufacturers of dental products and equipment and the subsidiaries of foreign manufacturers of dental products and equipment operating in the Netherlands and Belgium. In addition to the exchange of information and planning of activities, presentations by guest speakers are also made on current topics at the association’s meetings.

  • National contact network Alongside a platform for the members, Indent also plays a consultative role with the professional bodies and other organisations active within dental practice. Not only technical, but also policy topics are discussed, with the aim of facilitating the safe use of dental materials and assuring the quality of dental care in the Benelux. Furthermore, Indent informs its members of regulations and legislation, as well as subsidy arrangements, and the association maintains contact with the government in this respect.
  • International contact network In the international arena, member-ship of FIDE, the Federation of the European Dental Industry, allows Indent to cooperate with sister organisations in 12 European countries. FIDE’s involvement on its members’ behalf in Europe includes: liaison and lobbying efforts in relation to medical legislation, standardization bodies and regulatory affairs and the representation of the European dental manufacturing industry to international bodies such as IDM, FDI and ISO.
  • Indent export group In the export group, practical information is exchanged on current developments within the most significant markets. Wherever possible, forces are combined to collectively open up new markets. In many export activities, Indent cooperates with the Netherlands Foreign Trade Agency. Each year, an export range is identified and the export instruments determined to be used for this, such as: market research, participation in international trade fairs, seminars or trade missions.
  • Quality Indent is represented in the national dental standards commission. Its products fulfill all European standards. In addition, all Indent members are ISO9000-accredited. The members cooperate, often with government support, in development programmes for new products or new production methods, whereby attention is paid to environment-friendly criteria.
  • Promotion The dental industry will present itself in the Netherlands at Dental Expo. This trade fair is held once every¬†2 years.¬†Indent also maintains a website where general information can be found on the association’s activities, as well as direct links to the individual members and their products.
  • Oral hygiene in the Netherlands The oral health of the Dutch population has increased substantially during the past few decades, thanks in part to the high level of dental care. Nearly one in nine dentate Dutch nationals visit the dentist at least once a year. Of the population aged 15 years and older, approximately 15% have a full set of dentures. Some 60% to 70% of children aged 12 and under have a perfect set of teeth. The trend towards aesthetic dental care is also increasing in the Netherlands.
  • Specialisation and flexibility The dental industry works with (university) training institutes worldwide. Indent acts as a major link in this respect between the scientific community and its members’ R&D departments. The members often specialise in a particular product segment, whereby innovation is focused predominately on product improvement. Thanks to their flexibility, companies can respond quickly to the specific needs of their clients. Not only dentists and specialists, but dental laboratories are also supplied by Indent members.