Dutch Dental Market 2015

  • Total inhabitants: 16.800.000
  • Number of practising dentists (public and private): 8.582
  • Total number of full time equivalent of practising dentists (public and private): 5.100
  • Number of new graduate dentists (state examined) in 2015: 210
  • Number of denturists: 315
  • Number of dentist training institutions: 3
  • Numer of denturist training institutions: 1
  • Number of dental technicians training institutions: 1
  • Numer of dental hygienists training institutions: 4
  • Number of active dental offices (public and private): 5.600
  • Number of dental hygienists: 3.216
  • Number of dental laboratories (dentists’ laboratories and commercial laboratories):1.000
  • Number of active dental technicians (laboratory owners & employees in dentists’ and commercial laboratories, etc.): 5.280



Sales figures in the Netherlands:

Total sales value (retail) of all dental equipment that requires installation (excl. computers for admin. purposes; in Euro; VAT excl.) delivered to dentists//denturists/dental hygienists/Laboratories 49.200.000
Total sales value of of sundries delivered 164.300.000
Total sales value over all 223.600.000
Total sales value (retail) of teeth delivered to dentists and laboratories/denturists (in Euro; VAT excl.) 10.100.000
Total value of after-sales technical services incl. spare parts (in Euro; VAT excl.) 18.300.000